Some common questions about what Sally is, does and how it can help your team provide better customer service.

In today's 24/7 world, the company that supplies the best customer support gets and keeps the most clients. Specific questions can now be answered, payment can be collected and appointments scheduled without the need for human intervention.
Sally is a cloud based system that is trained for generic conversations for medical offices, support centers, sales organizations and political polling. You can add answers to specific questions if, say a dentist might want to proving pricing for common procedures or terms for payment. A cruise line might want to answer the top 20 questions that they receive and transfer to a human if a new question is asked.
Your data is saved in a secure environment using SSL with phone numbers, call history and call logs all being saved unrelated to each other and only combined at the display interface mitigating the risk of hacking. Data can also be saved on your premises if required.
There is an small cost to setup a custom vocabulary if needed more than our standard scheduler vocabulary. Then you can ether pay per calendar schedules or per call time minute starting at 20 cents / minute.

Statistics for Management

  • We provide call durations, times, results and also provide an audio and a transcription for every conversation.
  • Charts showing calls, text messages by days and time, conformations data time information and downloadable summaries.
  • Run metrics to find what calls work and what calls do not for both inbound and outbound conversations.
  • Distribution charts allow you to view traffic over a period of time along with peak times for your client's scheduling.
  • Cost and spend data allows you to budget your outbound calls, text messages and determine optimal timing for contact.