Questions → Answers.
It's that simple!

Forget about logic trees and programming an old school IVR by using our advanced artificial-intelligence technology. No more "Press 1 for this" and "Press 2 for that" instead we offer normal conversation as with a human who works for you 24/7 providing a consistent message in every conversation.


Sally provides intriguing conversations for both inbound calls to your dedicated phone number or outbound calls to setup appointments closing the loop to insure that every appoint has been confirmed and logged.

Text conversations

Sally can also have text message conversations with clients to setup appointments, send links to webpages or maps with directions, or to answer frequently asked questions. All conversations always viewable for review.

Intelligent Chatbot

Reduce your customer service team and provide 24/7 customer support by using Sally to answer questions in any of 32 different languages. Sally can automatically determine the customer's language and provide requested information.

Schedule meetings

Sally can fill your existing calendar after conversations with your clients. We will send out text or phone reminders to confirm each appointment while constantly updating your Google or our HIPAA calendar.

No more programing or logic trees using our advanced AI. Those days are over!

Nothing to install, Sally is a service we provide tailored to your exact requirements. Simply forward your calls to and watch your calendars fill up with confirmed appointments or route your calls where needed.


Sally can detect different languages and respond in the caller's native tong.


Simply enter your list of specific answer to common questions.


Your clients may schedule appointments anytime, day or night.

It's intelligent

Constantly learning from her mistakes with better conversations.

Phone or SMS

Sally can have conversations and answer questions with ether.

All Industries

Schedule appointments for all industries with only minor training.